What Makes Us Different?

Our Vision
To design solutions based on a data analytics-drive approach to support decision making.
We build solution options on which to make risk management, mitigation and transfer risk decisions.
Thorough understanding of our client’s risk profile and objectives.
Our Experience
We have over 25 years of industry experience. Leading teams with unmatched expertise in our core product lines are behind the success. Responsiveness, the ease of doing business, and long-term relationships are hallmarks that separate us in the marketplace.
Our Purpose
With our strict underwriting guidelines, pricing models, and catastrophe containment measures, it allows us to deliver strategies and solutions that will protect our customers assets in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.
Our Commitment
AGB’s Risk Reduction Approach achieves Organized Risk Management by providing solutions to manage ongoing risk, implement or enhance safety programs, review claim trends, and make necessary changes to give us competitive markets at renewal.

Multi-Carrier Platform