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When a medical emergency strikes, decisive action is required. We represent all major top international health insurance companies, and is our highest priority to provide our clients with proven high-quality , accessible health insurance plans.


The plans that we offer are comprehensive, flexible, annual and adaptable. We will provide you with international medical insurance policies that offer complete medical cover in your resident country as well as anywhere in the world.


We specialize in international medical insurance plans such as travel , major medical and groups valid in South America , Central America , Europe , Asia and The United States.


We can provide our individual , families and  groups the most  comprehensive and affordable international medical insurance that are globally portable.

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Welcome to IMG®'s section of Coverage without Boundaries®! We know that the reasons to travel abroad are many and varied – that´s why our products are too. Our full-service approach to providing international medical insurance products includes servicing vacationers, those working or living abroad for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence. To meet all of these needs, we have developed a comprehensive range of major medical, life, dental and disability products that can be tailored to meet your needs.

For your convenience and to assist you in determining which plan is right for you, simply use the scroll function to view each of the products or click on one of the specific product categories below to help narrow your search. You may also obtain more detailed plan information by clicking on the "Review Coverage" link associated with each product. Once you have determined which plan best fits your needs, click on the "Buy ..." link and you can complete the simple and easy-to-follow application.

Best-in-market global healthcare solutions for residents of Latin American and the Caribbean.


Individual or groups of five or more members - Long-term coverage available from one month up to five years for educational programs.

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Maestro's three robust, international coverage plans help protect you and your family financially and provide for your unique medical insurance needs. Maestro establishes an unparalleled standard of excellence, offering generous protection options along with the exceptional IMG Medical Concierge service, access to the highest quality of licensed medical professionals, and the immediate expert treatment you deserve anywhere, anytime.

Select the Maestro plan that best aligns with your lifestyle. Benefit summaries for each plan are available upon request or from your trusted benefit adviser. Vital Plan - Essential high-limit inpatient coverage. Charges reimbursed by your local insurance plan can be credited to the deductible under this plan. Total Plan - Inpatient and outpatient coverage with concierge-quality services. Solid insurance protection, competitive in premium cost, and personalized service. Total Plus Plan - Highest level of Maestro plan benefits for even the most discerning clients.


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